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Volumizing Hair Bath


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A gentle organic wash that densifies and lifts even the most fine and fragile hair.

Oway Volumizing Hair Bath will amplify the body and shape of your hair, leaving it strong and revitalized. Works exceptionally well on fine, long hair that tends to be flat and lifeless.

How to use: Massage in to wet hair and scalp for 30 seconds.  Rinse.  Repeat if necessary. 

Size: 240 ml.


Biodynamic Yarrow Extract stimulates circulation to the scalp and hair follicles for creating volume at the root.
Organic Ginger Extract strengthens the hair and is coveted in Ayurvedic tradition as a hair-growth stimulating spice.
Ethical Violet Rice has strong antioxidant activity which protects the hair and scalp from external aggressors.

Cotton Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin E Oil for deep nourishing and strengthening.
Creatine CR Complex a unique hair cell revitalizer, smooths the surface of the cuticle and gives body and vigour to damaged and fine hair.

Aromatic Essential Oils of mariglod, geranium,mandarin orange and coriander calm the mind and body.

pH 4.0 - 5.0 

No Parabens  |  No SLS / SLES  |  No GMOs  |  No Petroleum  |  No Phthalates  |  No Synthetic Fragrance  |  No PEGs, PPGs & BGs  | No Artificial Colourants  |  Cruelty Free  |  98% Plastic Free

Packaged in recyclable, medical grade amber glass and aluminium. Protects the integrity and lifespan of your product and our environment.